Uninvited and Unannounced

Uninvited and Unannounced

She stood outside
in the dark of an August night …
so uninvited,
so unannounced.

She found herself
ringing the doorbell,
knocking on the door,
wondering what words
might come from her mouth.
She had no thoughts as to
what sentences, if any,
might form.

The pastor opened the door
and welcomed her in ….
even without the fair warning
that he deserved,
he welcomed her in.
His wife pointed to the sofa
yet she chose the floor.
It seemed right for some reason.

Her first words were,
“I don’t know what just happened”
and her recollections continued
to fall into a jumbled, confused mess.

His words were simply this ….
“Nicodemus.  You remind me of Nicodemus.”
She knew nothing of this Nicodemus
and was too embarrassed to ask.

He must have seen
the questions
on her face
for he picked up a book
and read to her from the Gospel of John.
He read about someone
who encountered
this man named Jesus,
in the dark,
seeking, yet not understanding.

Her heart beat faster,
for she recognized this encounter
and this man named Nicodemus  …
for this was her encounter as well.

Her heart beat faster still,
as she heard that
God loved her in her ‘befores’ …
before she asked for this Love,
before she admitted to
needing this Love,
before she sought to
understand such a Love,
before she realized that she
wanted this Giving Love.

She knew nothing of Nicodemus then,
but claims this encounter now,
for she remembers
the darkness of a sanctuary
and the Light that walked in,
uninvited and unannounced,
whispering, “For God so loves you

~Anna Murdoch

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