Silence Within

Silence Within

In deep recesses of the soul,
Where vermin and passion roam free,
Instinct exerts primal control,
Beyond frontiers of sanctity.

In prayer that reaches this frontier,
Strong waves of silence are deployed:
Congealing all as they draw near,
To still the churn and fill the void.

Like artifacts in amber set,
The vermin and passions are stilled:
A profound peace counters their threat;
And, with silence, the void is filled.

The five senses remain alert;
Recollected, yet cognizant.
The heart and mind, remain inert,
Knowing the Lord is not distant.

For the Bridegroom, the soul awaits;
In silence, the soul captivates.

Holy Spirit, teach us the way,
To enclose the depths of the soul
In silence and peace as we pray –
Your tranquil presence fills us whole. Amen.


St Teresa Of Jesus, The Way of Perfection

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, Practice of the Presence of God

Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2711, 2729

(c) Paul Buis, 2005



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