A Home in You

A Home in You
by Hugh Prather

Wash me from all that I think I am:
my struggles, my stands, my cherished opinions,
my soaring dreams and deadening fears.
Leave me only Your purity and Your peace.

Wipe away the masks of judgment
I have placed on Your children.
Show me the faces made in Your likeness,
that I may see my own as well.

Brush aside all shrines to the future,
all altars to the past.
Give me Your golden present,
a Home in You, unmovable and eternal.

Still all voices within me.
Fill me with the hush of Your peace.
Now You are my thoughts, my purpose, and my way
All I need and all I am is You.

(from Prayers for Healing: 365 Blessings, Poems, &Meditations from Around the World edited by Maggie Oman)