Prayer Walk

“For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News, so that you will be fully prepared…Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all Christians everywhere”   -Ephesians 6:14, 18 (NLT).


Getting out of the house (or church building) and seeing the homes around you can help you identify more concretely with the needs inside. That’s why prayer walking is often called “praying on-site with insight.”

Types of Prayer Walking

Devotional: All prayer walking begins with and then issues from our personal prayer walk with God. Ensure that the most important goal in your life is nurturing a pure and unhindered walk with God.

A guided prayer walk “A stroll with your soul”, has 5 steps

1. Look up –as you walk, be alert to and note, and give thanks for. what is above you; what connects me “upward” with God?

2. Look down — what “grounds” my faith in God’s presence? Help me dig in and dig deep.

3. Look back –every journey toward, is also a journey away from. What baggage do I carry, what footprints have I left, mindfulness of yesterdays even though I live in the present

4. Look around –I’m walking on holy ground in the here and now, alert to God’s gifts and possibilities; what speaks to me in the place, this environment of God’s companioning presence? Walk with me Lord, all the way home.

5. Look ahead –the perfect prayer path takes us back to the beginning, to see with new eyes, refreshed, taken deeper.

Incidental: As we walk with God through the responsibilities and activities of our day, we will find Christ prompting us to intercede for others around us. This is incidental prayer walking. Incidental to our normal work in the world. God uses us as intercessors.

Can happen as we are walking, driving, biking, running.  I often find myself praying when a fire engine or ambulance passes on its way to a emergency.


Intentional: Strategically important are our planned and organized times of on-site intercession as God directs. These could be as simple as an evening prayer walk through our neighborhood or as involved as leading a prayer team overseas. Planned, intentional prayer walks are powerful for preparing the way for witness and ministry in Jesus’ Name.


*No need to stop and bow your head or even to pray out loud.

*Start by praying for five homes. (Pray for people by name if you can. Make it a point to learn their names if you don’t know them yet.

*Pray for blessings on each home in five areas: health, work, emotions, social life and spiritual life.

*Occasionally, you may let people know that you’re praying for them. You might be surprised at how grateful some will be.




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