Come Out

Come Out (John 11:43)
by Joyce Rupp

Jesus stood at the tomb of Lazarus
a friend, dead, buried three days,
and he demanded, “Take the stone away!”

But Martha, sister of the dead,
turned in alarm to her friend,
“No you can’t do that. He can’t come out.
He’s been in there too long. He stinks.”

That fearful voice of resistance
has echoed through the ages
leaving fragments in our souls:
“You can’t find a new life.
You’ve been dead too long.
Don’t think you can change now.”

The old message repeats itself
to those life-giving parts of us
that have died and gone to stinking,
and need to be raised up;

The child in us who succumbed to neglect,
the self-esteem that was choked by fear,
the intuition that withered with mistrust,
the joy that submitted to anxiety and worry.

Many are the names of the dead in ourselves,
many are the risings that need to take place.
Jesus stands at the tomb and calls them out,
ignoring the loud protest of our inner voice,
that cries: “You can’t call that back to life!”

This Easter, welcome the inner Lazarus,
let the stone unseal the stinking.
let the risen voice resurrect our deadness
and give it an entrance into the light.


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