About Me

Wow–a whole page for me to talk about me.  While I like to talk, talking about me always seems hard. It is hard to toot one’s own whistle, but here it goes.

I am a 39-year-old daughter, wife. mother, and Presbyterian pastor who was born and raised in Central Jersey.  A lot of who I am comes from where and how I was raised.  An only child, sent to public schools which was quite diverse, over involved in sports and clubs, did well in school, but wasn’t an overachiever, and always went to church.  Heck, I was the kid who was always picked up from sleepovers at 8am Sunday because I needed to be at church.  Nuts right? A preteen and teen who honestly liked going to church–a rare breed.  To be honest, I didn’t get much out of the sermons or the prayers–that wasn’t why I went.  I went for the relationships, I went because if I didn’t go–I would be missed.  Just like every teen, I wanted a place where I felt like I belonged and a place where I was welcomed by name.

At age 39 that is what I still yearn for—to be part of a community, known, loved and embrace just as I am.  And as a community, we yearn to gather and praise God not just with our words, but with our entire being.

My 2015 Lenten Committments:

I still have some time to firm to change my mind, but here is what I am thinking”

~Out with the alcohol.  Not a heavy drinker, but like the tradition of giving it up each year.

~#reLent digital discipline (More info at: http://www.slateproject.org )

~Reading the Gospel of Mark (this time around the entire congregation–Second Presbyterian Church–is reading it)

~Praying daily and sending a handwritten note to each active family of Second Presbyterian this Lenten season.

My 2014 Lenten Commitments:

~Giving up alcohol.  Not really a spiritual practice, but rather a tradition.

~#reLent Photo-a-Day challenge  (More info at: http://www.slateproject.org)

~Reading through the Gospel of Mark with my Confirmation Class

~Enjoying and giving thanks for my cup of coffee.  Coffee is a godly creation–I am sure of it. So Each time, I enjoy a cup of joe with friends, at home, in the office or out and about.  I will stop and give thanks for it and the other blessings God has given.

My 2013 Lenten Commitments:

~I will do my usual of giving up alcohol (I’ve done it since I was 21–it is more of a tradition these days then an actual discipline).

SELF~Healthy eating. I joined a group of ladies, thanks to a college friend, who are began a friendly competition to lose the baby weight/mid-thirties gain from now till the beginning of June. Our bodies, after all, are a temple and mine deserves to be treated better than eating the yummy carb-filled treats.

GOD~A few years ago, I started giving up Facebook. I’ve found that FB can be a time suck–surprise, surprise.  This year, I decided to stay on FB.


OTHERS~Filling buckets. My daughters and I are taking on filling other people’s buckets. Wondering what I am talking about? Then you haven’t read one of our favorite family books, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud. It’s a great book with a great message. So be on the look out for daily posts about how we each have filled someone’s book daily.

My 2012 Lenten Commitments:

Taking Back/Up:
Time:  There is something completely freeing about ditching Facebook, so I am doing it again.
Drink:  Drinking only tap water again this Lent and giving 1 cent of every ounce I drink to http://www.charity water.org
Exercise: Morning walks with the dog are a place where I most often encounter the Holy.  So I am taking back my mornings, well at least three each week, for a brisk walk with the dog and God.

Giving Up:
Food: Giving up those nasty and addictive carbs
Stuff:  I LOVE my stuff, but have WAY TOO MUCH stuff.  Each week, I will take on a room in the house hoping to not only declutter it, but also rid myself of some of the false securities that place in my acquisition of stuff.

My 2011 Lenten Sacrifices and Commitments:

Time: Ditching FACEBOOK
Food: Going Vegan
Drink: Usually I give up alcohol, this year I am taking up drinking only tap water
Taking up: Giving $$ I would have spent on coffee or soda to One Great Hour of Sharing.  Shedding the clutter—one week at a time–aiming to live a less materialistic life.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Dear Rev. Weems,

    The Riverside Church in The City of New York would like to reprint some of your Lenten poetry in a small booklet we are printing. We would like to use five or six poems and we would provide credit and your copyright acknowledgment. This booklet is not being sold, we are printing it as a gift for our congregation.

    Kindly email me to let us know if you approve this usage request.

    Warmest regards,
    The Riverside Church


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