Lent 2016

These past couple of week @crazypastor, Jason Chesnut, has me reading portions of Luke during #WakeUpWordUp (a fancy hashtag meaning a Bible Study that doesn’t suck).  If you butt has been in a mainline denominational pew, chances are you have heard quite a lot of Luke read and preached at you as well.  Bits and pieces spouted here and there–with each story filled with so many layers, so many parts of the story left untouched.  It only makes sense to spend a few weeks reading and starting to unpack this Gospel filled with social justice treasures. 

So this year, my Lenten Challenge is to re-read the Gospel of Luke. I am pretty sure there will be some ah-ha moments, lots of social justice #micdrops, maybe some Baltimore mayor and presidential candidates noticing, and hopefully, most importantly, a strengthening of my relationship with God.  

I’ve put together this reading schedule to help guide my way.  You will notice that I’ve given myself REST days.  I can’t kid myself, I will need a catch-up day each week.  There will definitely be days that I miss and don’t read the text.  The point of this discipline isn’t to flog myself if I miss the mark—so there needs to be some grace built in from the get-go.  If you want to join me in this challenge, I would love the company.


Luke During Lent


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