This past weekend was filled with squeals and giggles as we took advantage of the sunshine and warmth.  Oh, how we welcomed the few moments when we didn’t have to wear coats (or long sleeves).  Running and swinging with the warm breeze blowing through our hair.  And there was lots of giggles.  

You can’t help but giggle when you are flying high on a swing.  The wind, the speed, the rush: it causes you to squint your eyes closed, hold on tight, let out a squeal, and enjoy the ride.  Our newest addition, who isn’t so new, discovered this joy.  Just when the swing would slow down (well slower than almost tipping him out), he would let go of the chains and do the sign for “more.” My middle child, more than happy to oblige, would push him higher and higher as if to launch him to the moon (if I or the swing-set let her).  And the giggles continued from her and from him.  

Pure delight in the moment, pure delight in the being of it.  
And for those brief minutes I am grateful!


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