Reading: How does it affect you?

A few days ago or maybe it was last week, the days go by way too fast, I was gathered with some clergy who shared they felt they weren’t reading enough.  Then a day or two later, amongst a different group, someone else shared they weren’t reading enough.  I then began to wonder, “What is reading enough?”  and “Am I reading enough?” Then a realization…

The days and weeks I spend reading—reading for self ( not for school, church, or other) are the days I have some of my best thoughts.

On these days, I’ve had some good deep “Ah Ha” moments, creative break throughs, and got a lot done (or so it felt).  Which is kind of ironic since at the end of the days I spend responding to emails, running from one meeting to another, or cramming in my “to do” list are the ones that leave me questioning, “What DID I do today?” “Where did my time go?”

How does reading affect you?  Are you reading enough?


One thought on “Reading: How does it affect you?

  1. unfortunately, I think I read too much sometimes–I take a book in the car and read a red lights–I read in bank lines and waiting to pay for my groceries. I even read when I’m holding my new grandson 🙂


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