Awe and Snap


Jesus, a great storyteller, painted stories of all sorts of people. He showed us people with gook on their faces, people looking in the wrong direction, people smiling, people with glimmers of hope.  The people in Jesus’ stories and pictures look a lot like you and me.

When we take photos, we often see disappointment.  Church directory photos are a curse in my family: kids looking in the wrong direction, someone is crying, my husband’s eyes are closed, and  I have a double chin (again).  But it’s fun — and eye-opening —  to flip through church directories, yearbooks, or the like and seeing everyone else’s pics.  Pictures that capture us living in a certain moment (good or bad).

This Lent, I’m participating in the #reLent photo-a-day challenge. (More info here: )  It’s become my main spiritual practice during this church season.  It combines reflection and capturing the moment.  This is how I do it, which is only one way of many.

Read the word, chew on the word, digest the word, see the word….AWE and SNAP!

I’ve only snapped a few pictures so far.  And yet, there’s a story unfolding of imperfect people with glimmers of hope.  Perhaps, you might like take part in this online community this Lent as, together, we paint and re-paint Jesus’ stories.


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