Lent is almost over and……

I am finally starting to get into my grove of some of my new practices, only to have Lent be almost over. But perhaps that is the purpose of Lent.  There is probably no coincidence that it takes 30 days to form a habit and Lent is 40 days (plus Sundays).  It is almost like God wants what you have started to do or what you have taken away from your life to now be a firm new habit.  

Unlike some, I haven’t been counting down the days till Lent is over.  Actually,I find myself a little sad to see it go by so quickly.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Easter, the new dresses, the pomp and circumstance, and the celebration.  But as I get older, and maybe a little wiser, I realize I need Lent more than I need Easter Sunday.  It during Lent that I take the time to develop and work on my relationship with God. 

Much of the year, I find myself getting into spiritual ruts without much growth.  Yep, it is 8am–must be time for that morning prayer while I take the long way home from my daughters’ school.  It’s mid-morning, getting my second glass of water—must be time to take out the Bible and read this today’s lectionary passage.  During the Lent, my habits are still present, but I challenge myself to take on more and do less.  Why I don’t challenge myself like this at other times of the year, I’m not sure.  But it doesn’t happen.

But it happens in Lent.  And for that I am thankful. Lent is almost over and I take with me are some new spiritual practices. The writing of 5 thank you notes a week (paying attention to where I saw God in another’s actions), the reading of at least 1 leisure book a week (Spending time alone and feeding myself), and remember neighbors across the world without any clean water, as I drink only water this Lent.

Lent is almost over and lots has happened these past few weeks.  Lent is almost over and I wondering why isn’t that I don’t challenge myself spiritually more often.  Lent is almost over, but my journey has just begun. 






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