Grace in Giving

If I see the gift as mine alone to give, I might give hesitantly,
even grudgingly,considering my options, then giving from a sense of ought.
If I see the gift as God’s who allows me to use it for a time,
then the gift can flow more freely,
as I join with others
to be a channel for God’s love and mercy.

~Roberta Porter in Alive Now

Today as I sat to write the first draft of the “One Great Hour of Sharing Letter” which will be mailed to our congregation members and friends later this week.  This short poem came to mind.  I Just recently came across, not sure where I first read it though it is found in an issue of “Alive Now”.   In less than 100 words, this poet says beautifully what takes me more than 200 or 300 words to say.

The whole idea of our gifts and talents coming together, working for the good of the world is something that excites me.  The coming together of the many, each sharing from their resources, talents, and gifts means that almost and infinite number of possibilities are available, whereas before by oneself there would only be a few.   I see this idea come together and play out at the church I serve, through the many that step up to share their gifts each week in worship.  I see in our Christian Education hour.  I saw in the production of a musical our kids put on last month, “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics”.

I see this coming together and using of diverse gifts in a community group of which I am a part, The Village Parents.  As we use our different gifts to promote our Charles Village neighborhood and encourage parents to come see our neighborhood schools in action.

Nothing that these two groups do could happen without joining our gifts together for a specific purpose.  Much like a single dollar  or ten dollars to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering couldn’t do as much when it isn’t joined with the other dollars given.  Wells have been dug, housing has been provided, schools have been built because of individuals like you joining your gifts and talents together.


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