Get Over It

“Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:18-19

I have the dangest time getting over things that irk me. Just when I think I have or can move past something, something usually happens and puts that “something” right back in my face.  You know what I am talking about, I am not the only one…am I? And sometimes it is the smallest of the things, but I just can’t get past it.  Let me share an example:  One little thing I just can’t get past is dirty dishes left in the sink.  It drives me batty (as my DH can attest).  I know it happens,you are running late or you’re exhausted and you think you will go ahead and do it in the morning.  I get it.  I try to understand, but when i come through the doors after an evening meeting and find the sink piled high.  Try as I might, I just can’t let it go.

This scripture text that I happened to flip to this morning during my devotional time.  Speaks volumes to me.  An important part of learning how to forgive is learning how to get over the things that happened yesterday and even earlier that day.  What happened earlier that made me frustrated, angry, or sad, is in the past.  Now, today, is as good of a moment as any to work on getting past those hurt feelings and explore why you were offended, angry, or sad.

As I sat in silence this morning and dug deep into why such little thing irks me.  I realize the dishes in the sink aren’t doing any harm (we don’t have cockroaches, ants. or mice), but rather it is all about me wanting to maintain control and order.  This week, I am attempting to “get over” the dishes in the sink and focusing my energy on looking more deeply within  myself.  For who knows, perhaps within the thing that irks is a seed for rebirth.

What do you need to get over? Is there new life or transformation that is at work within it?

Gracious God, help me to learn from those things that irk me.  Help me to know stay in a place of sadness or anger or else I might miss the gift of the new things you are doing in each moment to transform and renew my life.  Amen.



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