Surprise: Spring Springs Forth

Whether we are ready or not, spring has sprung on us!  As I walked out my front door earlier this week, I was surprised, amazed, and in awe of the beautiful colors that I saw before me in our front yard.  Flowers in purples, yellows, whites, and pinks were out to greet me as we greeted the new day.  Who would have thought that such beauty could and would be found in Baltimore in February? Certainly not me.

Yes, indeed, I was surprised by Spring, but not surprised by the beauty God is always creating and forming around us. You see our God is full of surprises.  Have you ever been surprised?  What was that made it a surprise?   Was it a surprise because we held a certain vantage point about how the world operates and then found ourselves in spot completely different from what we expected?   Just when we think we have the world all figured out, along comes a curve ball and makes us realize we don’t.

Can’t we say the same for God?  Isn’t our God full of surprises? If we stop and spend a few minutes thinking about it, I think we will see God surprises us a bit more than we ever realized.

Where in your life is God surprising you?



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