A Walking Lesson

Today, as I was driving home from work, I saw the most unusual sight.  Walking up the street, I saw a smaller framed older woman who had to be in her late 80’s.  She wasn’t the sight.  What she was lagging behind this woman was.  On a leash, at least 4 to 5 steps behind her, was a cute small ball of fluff– a puppy probably  6 months old.  Never in my life would I have pictured this scene in my head. No, I would expect the puppy to be out in front of her, pulling her to the next new spot to smell with the older woman yelling at the dog to stop and slow down.

But that wasn’t the seen this evening. It was apparent by the woman’s face that is how they early evening walks usually went, with her taking the lead and the puppy casually walking behind, letting the woman direct them.  The woman wasn’t in a hurry, as she made no comment towards the dog and she wasn’t forcing him or her to pick up the pace. They both seemed pretty content with this style of walk.

I must my walk with that little puppy probably wouldn’t be as pleasurable.  It was apparent just in a  few minutes I watched this woman that she has learned patience in her life.  Something I am still striving to learn.  And there is no way, if I was the puppy, that I would be fine sitting back and taking that much direction and lead from someone.  This puppy has learned to give up control  (or  is worn out from the walk–but let’s go with the first thought)  Something else I need to learn/do a little more.

Little insights, lessons, and nudges to transform our lives are all around us. Who knew that a 5 minute drive home from the office would serve as a reminder of what I need to strive for (more patience) and what I need to let go of (being in control).   What lessons have you seen walking down the street?



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