Bringing Our Deepest Prayers Before God

One of the things that I love most about the congregation that I serve is our willingness to share aloud our concerns during prayer time. Well, that is today. When we began doing this five or so years ago, the sharing of joys or concerns didn’t always flow or come as easily.  It took weeks and months of others being brave and open in their sharing, helping us develop and build trust, that has allowed this congregation to now share some of their bigger concerns.  Each week, I am humbled by what is said and amazed how others hold each other and check in with others about their prayers.  As a pastor, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

This Lent we wanted to take our members towards now only trusting  each other with prayer concerns, but also trusting God with some of the deepest cries of our hearts.  So, instead of voicing aloud out concerns, worshipers are invited to write their prayers on parchment paper and pin them to  the purple cloth on a wooden cross (made by a church member).  During our prayers of people, you will hear some soft music, children talking to the parents about what they are writing, pencils scurrying, and footsteps. What you see are people who are yearning to have their prayers heard by our God, who is gracious enough to hear them and mighty enough to perform the miracles needed to answer these deep prayers.

Below is a picture of the cross after our Ash Wednesday Service



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