Lent 2012

I use to be big into New Year’s resolutions.  I use to think they were the cat’s meow.  The new year meant a new me. Now, having failed miserably at almost every New Year’s Resolution I’ve tried, I’ve realized they aren’t so great.  No excuses for why I’ve failed at keeping better touch with friends, didn’t stick to the exercise plan, drank two cups of coffee each day when I told myself I would only have one.  Nope, no excuses.  I failed.  And I know why I failed.   I failed because at the center of the motivation for each of these things was only myself.  New Year’s Resolutions where all about me and only me.

Like, New Year’s Resolutions, Lent is a do over, but a much better one.  Lent is a chance to try again.  A chance to try again in giving up those things that separate me from God.  A chance to separate myself from the things that have become false idols for me. A chance to try again to take up those practices that might bring me closer to God.  A chance to try a new spiritual practice that has the ability to draw me near the face of the Almighty.

Another year, another chance.

And unlike New Year’s Resolutions, at the center/heart of Lent is God.  Lent isn’t about me. It is all about God.  Each and everything I do or don’t do during these next weeks should be an attempt to keep God at the center of my life.

Everyone needs a do-over,  a chance to make something right.  What in your life needs to change so that God be at your center?  Are there things you need to give up or take up for this to happen?

May God bless your Lent be filled with moments where you encounter the living God.


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