The Lost Lamb

The Lost Lamb
so much in me gets lost, God.
I run off in other directions
and lose my vision of you,
of you and your Kingdom.
I lose sight of my hopes,
I forget all your promises.
I get lost in problems,
run around in selfishness.
there you are, before me,
waiting, calling.
there you are, behind me,
following, pursuing.
there you are, beside me,
caring, loving.
what is it you’ve placed
in this sheep’s heart of mine?
what is it that keeps me bonded to you
in spite of all my arrogance,
in spite of all my independence?
I feel a new surge today,
a re-visioning of hope.
I feel as if you’ve lifted me up
and are carrying me home,
safe and secure on your shoulders,
or maybe next to your heart.
O God of lost sheep, my God,
appeal again and again
to all the lost-ness in me.
pursue me relentlessly.
carry me home.  O, carry me home.
~Joyce Rupp~
from Fresh Bread

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