25 Dozen Cookies

There is something therapeutic about long drives by yourself and rolling cookie dough into balls isn’t there?

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to drive to NY state for a one night stay and visit with a colleague and his family/friends for one evening.  The view at points was absolutely breathtaking and the silence in the car was magnificent.   Who knew I would be lucky enough to have another free therapy session this morning.

The early morning was filled with the usual nagging and reminding about packing book bags, making lunches, getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, and the “stop annoying your sister” reminders.  The commute up Charles and back down was filled with starts and stops as crossing guards helps students cross the street and cars made left hand turns even though the signs clearly says, “No Left Hand Turns between 7am-9am on School Days”.  The morning drive is everything counter to my drive to upstate NY.  There was no solitude, just clenched fists and frustration, until I arrived at church.

The first Thursday of each month, a group of individuals–mostly women though we do have dedicated men who like to cook–come together to make 20 aluminium tins of Shepherd’s Pie for Our Daily Bread.  And if there are enough volunteers, they even make cookies.  Curious as to who was volunteering this morning and wanting to say a quick hello, I made my way to the church kitchen.

Things were just getting started when I arrived and it looked like they were down a few folks, so I pitched in doing the first job I saw—rolling cookie dough into balls.  The cookie making had barely started when I arrived and once I jumped in and I proved myself  (that I could actually make balls somewhat the same size), I was left to do the ball rolling.

The conversation around the counter took all sort of twist and turns, talking about our kids, why and how we ended here at Second Church, the benefits of eating soy, kale recipes, and things much more random.  Before, I knew it all the cookie dough was rolled and baked.  We estimate that we made 25 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this morning.

Cooking is differently not my favorite thing to do, but cooking in community—–this is fun!  There is something healing and maybe therapeutic to rolling oatmeal chocolate cookies while chatting with friends new and old and not worrying about the time or what’s next on your schedule.  Although it was “work”, this was truly Sabbath time for me in the midst of  a busy week.

Where is your moment or moments of Sabbath this week?  If you are looking to make a difference with the added bonus of  Sabbath time  fun, I invite you to join us in the kitchen on the first Thursday of the month as we cook casserole and bake cookies for the hungry of Baltimore city.


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