Oinkers for Jesus!

This Sunday our Sunday school classes will be discussing Mark 5:1-20.  It’s a great story—with LOTS of action! Jesus sends a bunch- literally a bunch- of evil spirits into a herd of pigs. I think it’s one of those stories that you say, “This is some crazy stuff.  Did it really happen? ”

For younger kids, though,  it might be a little scary, especially for those who don’t enjoy the dark side of Disney movies.  (Who knew Disney could be so dark). However, there is still a great take away even if you don’t want to talk about the taboo subject of  demon possession.

Take a moment to read or reread this passage.  As you read it, do you find yourself identifying with anyone in this story? Perhaps you…..

Are  a disciple:  Are your knees still shaking from the massive storm that came out of nowhere earlier in the night? Or are you still in awe of Jesus’ power over the seas?  Are you a little more freaked out now that a “crazy” is coming towards you?

Are  a towns person:  A bit more disturb and afraid  that a crazy man is now sitting in front of you clothes and in his right mind?  Are you mad at Jesus for the loss of wealth (for causing the death of the swineherd)? What words do you speak to Jesus to encourage him to leave?

Are the possessed man:  What chains and shackles have you had to break?  What things have taken hold (or over your life) that you need to be set free from?

Or perhaps you identify with Jesus, the pigs, or maybe even the demons themselves.  Spend a few moments thinking and reflecting as to what draws you to this particular character.  Are you being asked to claim something or perhaps shed something?

My favorite part of this passage and my take away (this week as I read it) is in verse 20 where it says, “And he went away and began to proclaim in the cities how much Jesus had done for him and everyone marveled.”

Jesus hasn’t casted any evil spirits out of my  life, but what are some of the wonderful things he has done? Am I sharing these stories with others?  And through this sharing, are others amazed and drawn to seek him?


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