What Is Your Word?

JT and I watched Eat, Pray, Love last night.  Ever see it?  Although the movie was enjoyable, I suggest reading the book rather than watching the movie.

One part that gave me pause while reading the book and again while watching the movie was when Liz and her friends are sitting in an outdoor cafe in Italy.  They begin talking about how each city and each person has a word that describes it.  Some examples given are: Rome=sex; Vatican= power,  NY= achieve.  Liz is then asked,  “What is your word?”  She tosses a few things around then says writer, which a friend reminds her is what she does, not who she is.   It isn’t till much later  that she finds her own word, antevasin, Sanskrit for “one who lives at the border.”

What is your word? And  do you think your word will change or does it remain your truth forever?

My word is authenticity.    JT is still searching for his word—currently the only word that comes to his mind is TAXES.


Update:  JT’s word is commitment


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