Getting away

“Spirituality does demand attention, mindfulness, regularity, and devotion. It asks for some small measure of withdrawal from a world set up to ignore soul.” – Thomas Moore

Getting away.  I don’t know about you, but that hardly happens for us.  Some families get away for the weekend–but not us.  For some reason, we can never find enough free time to do a whole weekend get away, but we have mini get aways.

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of tax season when JT was just starting his early morning to late night work sessions, the girls and I had our first escape from the world.  We spent the evening building a fort and pretending we were princesses and a prince (Maggie always has to challenge us) trapped at the top of a tower.  We spent an hour trying to figure out how we could save ourselves.  Just when we thought we figured out an excellent escape route, a big dragon (Georgia, the dog)  guarded our proposed exit route.   Another evening, a few days later, the girls and I “withdrew from the world” through art.  Each of us spent the evening drawing and painting a canvas (which the girls gave to their teachers and classmates and mine sits on the dining room table—still discovering its purpose).

Personally, my withdrawal from the world these days is brief.  In the morning, it is the 25 minutes I have by myself to shower and blow dry my hair.  And most evenings, this time is extremely short.  It is the moment right after the kids are in bed( and before they as for glass of water), that I sit on my bed, breath a few deep breaths, and give thanks.  Then it is back up and running as I wrestle the kids back into their beds.

While I enjoy my life on the go, there is something very valuable about downtime—a time of just being and enjoying how you are created in God’s image.  The Psalmist is right.  It is only when we are still—-when we remove ourselves from the distractions of the world—that we are able to see and hear God.

How do you get away?

“Be Still and Know that I AM God”
Psalm 46:10


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