The Holy in the Ordinary

The Holy in the Ordinary by Ann Weems
Holy is the time and holy is this place,
and there are holy things that must be said.
Let us say to one another what our souls whisper…
O Holy One, cast your tent among us;
come into our ordinary lives and bless the living!
Forty days stretch before us,
forty days of hungering after faithfulness,
forth days of trying to understand the story,
and then Holy Week…
O God if every week were holy…
These forty days stretch before us,
and those of us who believe,
yearn to feel Your presence,
yearn to be Your people;
and yet, the days fill with ordinary things
with no time lift
for seeking the holy.
Spiritual contemplation is all right
for those who have the time,
but most of us have to make a living.
Most of us have to live in the real world
where profanity splashes and blots out
anything holy.
Where, O Holy One, can we find you in this unholy mess?
How, O God, can we find the holy in the ordinary?

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