A Prayer for Monday

today is Monday.
I went out and I saw laundry drying,
hanging at the windows
and on balconies,
here and there in the concrete hollow,
a motley mosaic,
sparkling with colour against the grey of the buildings.
The wind was making the multi-coloured notes sing
on the clothes-line,
and whispering in the ear of my heart, I heard
the song of trouble
and the song of love.
Dirty clothes,
clean clothes
dried clothes,
ironed clothes, soiled again,
to be washed again,
dried again,
ironed again.
Clothes for my husband,
clothes for my son,
clothes for my daughter,
and my own mixed in with them.
I offer you this evening,
for all those women who don;t know you,
or for all who don’t think of praying to you,
this washing which is whiter,
this washing scneted with the love of mothers
and of wives.
I offer you all these daily acts,
repeated a thousand times over,
making up the fabric of beautiful hidden lives,
the wonderful lives of humble people
who know that to love is to endure,
beyond weariness.
Little one, have I told you?
I’m telling you now
and you are to tell your brothers and sisters:
‘The Kingdom of God is like a woman,
who spends her whole life
turning dirty washing into clean washing,
not through the power of some miracle detergent,
but through the miracle of love,
given every day.’
-author unknown


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