Themes….everyone needs a theme

It is quite common for churches to come up with a theme for the Lenten season.  If I had to choose a theme, it would be about water.  Images and mentions of water are all over the Bible (there are more than 700 references to water). Not to mention, some of my best memories and even terrifying memories all revolve around water. So why not water.

Today as I watch the steady rains hit my office window and hear the water drip from the rooftop, I am reminded of the Noah story. First, let me say that I would go completely stir crazy if I was confined to one place for almost a year. That had to be one stinky and nasty ark when they left.

When I read this story in Genesis, I sometimes wonder, how bad was it really? Not the living on the ark part, but the sin stuff. I mean we are only 6 chapters into the Old Testament and God is already fed up win the sin in the world. Either it was pretty bad or God has a low threshold for sin.

I wonder was the wickedness really worse than than now? Is what I see on the news just the type of thing God was trying to get rid of? And while God promises not to send another flood, how will this mess get cleaned up?

This mess—our sin and brokenness is huge and quite messy. Anything involving  human beings is messy but trying to get humans to change, well that is a big challenge. Whose challenge is it?  I’ve read the Bible, I know the scripture that says we are suppose to be God’s hands and feet in the world, but just how much of this cleanup are we responsible for?

Besides the verses of Scripture that tell us we should be working for reconciliation, what truly motivates you, especially when the action required is something crazy like building a huge boat when it isn’t even raining?

What motivates you to be a Noah, someone who follows God’s commands which at times are ridiculous , to make this world a better place?


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