Welcome to my blog.  First a confession, writing isn’t my favorite thing to do, actually writing feels like work, so I try to avoid it as often as possible.  Which is ironic considering much of my work is writing–perhaps that is why writing feels like work:)

Why a blog?  There are a few different reasons.  First, a place for us to share our Lenten journey.  Most of the time we keep our journeys private, but what if we shared a few musings along the way, how would that change or enhance our days together?

I don’t know about you, but I am yearning for something more. At the end of these forty days (or rather 47), I don’t want a sense of accomplish for fasting from Facebook or being a vegan or just drinking tap waterl.  I want transformation.  I want to be different, better than I was before.  I want to feel the Spirit of God pulsing through my veins, I want the words out of my mouth to mean something to really matter to those whom I am speaking.  I want life, real life.  A life worth dying for–a life worth living.  A life that has its being in Christ.  That is what I want this Lent…what do you want?

“Seize every opportunity to share God’s love as often as you can,
in every place you can, in every way you can.”



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